Hello 2014!

How are we a week into 2014 already? Crazy. Hope everyone is having a good first week. I am slowly getting knocked down by a nasty cold but I’m loading up with vitamins and sleep and hoping it passes without a sick day(s).

I promised 2014 goals/resolutions and here they are! The word ‘resolution’ is a dirty word for some and I don’t dispute that, but I like to start every year with a few goals for the year. While I’ve had a bad couple of years with resolutions and have definitely learned a few goal setting lessons, I can’t forget that one big fat resolution in 2010 changed my life for the better. So here we go!

  1. PB in the 30K! I had an absolutely AWFUL race in the Hammer last year for my 30K debut due to a lot of things, the main one being undertraining. I’m determined to go back to that race and enjoy it. Even if I don’t PB, if I don’t want to cry or yell at the end of it, I’ll consider that a win.
  2. Get up to a lifetime total of 15 – 20 half-marathons by my 30th birthday. I keep hemming and hawing over whether 20 is too ambitious, so I’m calling 15 my low goal and 20 my stretch goal. I’ve got until September, don’t I?
  3. Cook more and eat less take out. I’m working on this one with my better half. Fingers crossed.
  4. Cook at least one recipe from every cookbook I own. I tried this last year and failed miserably so I’m giving her a go again. Persistence pays off sometimes right?

Are you pro-Resolution? Have you set any goals for 2014?


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