Saying goodbye to 2013

Well, you caught me. I completely dropped the ball my New Year’s resolutions last year. I professed them here and was super confident, but as such, 2013 and I weren’t the greatest of friends, and these things didn’t happen. 

I was supposed to take better care of myself. If anything, in 2013, I went in the opposite direction. A and I upped the quantity of our dinners out, I decreased the amount I was running, I didn’t get enough sleep, etc. So now we know that vague resolutions don’t work. I knew that, funny, because I referenced it in this very post, but oh well. 

I was also supposed to cook 1 recipe from every cookbook I own. Partly because I thought it was a cool challenge, but also partly to justify buying more cookbooks. Wooops. I got through maybe a quarter of them. Some is better than none right?

2013 felt like a tumultuous year, but when I think back, there wasn’t anything HUGE that threw me off course, it just happened, as I suppose it does sometimes. 

There were of course, some highlights…

  • The discovery of TRX, pretty much my favourite workout option of 2013
  • A trip to DC in April to run the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon there, and a pretty sweet Tiffany’s necklace to boot!
  • The arrival of new kittens at my parents house (Bob on the left, Bill on the suitcase)1382911_733092106708_2082186933_n
  • Being in the wedding of one of my oldest friends in August and all of the fun events leading up to it
  • Plenty of cottage weekends with the outdoors, friends, and lots of fun
  • Meeting my sister’s British boyfriend for the first time

But there have been a number of tougher points, including the acquisition of my old employer at the beginning of the New Year and a transition to a new company and new role in the summer that I’m still working on fitting into, and a few other things I won’t drag this down with. 

I was more than ready to say goodbye to 2013 this past Tuesday evening, and hope that 2014 will bring a brighter time for me, and for you! 

Stay tuned for resolutions/goals post early this week!


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