App Review: MyFitness Pal

Awhile back, at the suggestion of a friend, I downloaded myfitnesspal to try out tracking my food consumption, mostly for the purposes of monitoring my intake of particular nutrients, rather than for tracking calories, though I think this what most people use it for.

MyFitnessPal is, at the end of the day,a calorie counter and exercise tracker. It can help you track the calories you’re taking in through food as well as the calories you’re expending through exercise. It lets you track changes over time like your weight and allows you to graph everything out in a visually appealing format. To get the most use out of this, you need to track everything on every day.
What I liked
  • Barcode scanner – this thing is pretty awesome for scanning the barcode of anything you’re eating that comes from a package!
  • Summary views for nutrient intakes on a daily and weekly basis
What I didn’t like
  • A lack of options in the exercise group, would need to wear a heart rate monitor to get accurate calorie burn counts
  • The focus on calories, would be nice to have an option for different goals
  • Having to put anything custom in, kind of a pain in the ass
  • Would sometimes freeze on me (pretty sure that is typical for any app)
Cost: FREE from the Google Play Store/iTunes/BlackBerry App World
Recommended for: People interested in self-tracking or who think they’d get some value from tracking their fitness and calorie intake. People on restricted diets.
  • Use the barcode scanner
  • Add custom foods

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