Conquering the Cookbooks: Canadian Living Vegetarian Collection

Finally! Another Conquering the Cookbook Post!

The Cookbook: Canadian Living Vegetarian Collection

veg collection

This baby was the first veggie based cookbook I bought when I first gave up most meat a few years ago. It is filled with super easy and yummy recipes that are a gentle foray into vegetarianism. It should be noted that this baby is NOT vegan-friendly as many recipes include dairy and eggs (possibly why I like it). 



The Recipe: Swiss Chard and Chickpea Curry


I mostly picked this recipe because we’ve been getting ridiculous amounts of Swiss Chard in our veggie deliveries and I generally don’t know what to do with it before it wilts itself beyond recognition, so I tend to throw it in the freezer and accumulate mass amounts of it. I flipped through the book and saw this recipe, and noted that I had almost everything for it, so this was the dinner winner that night. (Yes, that is generally how I decide what to make for dinner. Deal with it.). Excuses for purchasing Naan bread also helped.

The recipe was actually pretty easy and was very hearty and yummy. If you like curry and/or ginger, I’d recommend it, thought the bread and/or rice or something to have it with is key for making it a filling meal. I didn’t love it, but A did and proceeded to eat the rest of it for lunches later this week, so its a winner in that sense.

The recipe is linked above so check it out!


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