Conquering the Cookbooks: Peas and Thank You

I know, I know, it has literally been months since I started the Conquering the Cookbooks series (4 months to be exact), but better late than never right?

Next up, Peas and Thank You, which has a follow up, More Peas Thank You which I clearly purchased this year and thus will need to conquer it at some point as well.

Peas-and-Thank-You-CookbookThis cookbook is the lovechild of a popular lawyer turned blogger, Sarah Matheny, known to some as Mama Pea. I’ve followed her blog pretty much since I switched to a pescatarian diet and remember picking this up a couple of years ago with excitement. Unfortunately, before this challenge I took on, I had made a grand total of one recipe from this book. Womp womp.

I made not one, but two recipes from this book, mostly because the first one was not a meal so much as an item with snacking potential and I felt like that was copping out on the challenge I issued myself.

Initially, a few months ago, I made Zucchini Chocolate Chip Bread. Our bi-weekly veggie box happened to have an abundance of zucchini, and for some reason, as a child I had a serious love for baked goods with zucchini in them, yet not zucchini on its own. It reminded me of my childhood so I got cracking. I was a little worried about this vegan baking thing. I’m not a vegan, and though I cook and bake from a lot of vegan-based recipes, I often make substitutions that are not so vegan, simply because it tends to be what I have on hand. The dough scared me pressing it into the pan, as it didn’t seem like the sweet bread dough I’m used to, but I shoved it in the oven and hoped for the best, and this is how it turned out.



Success! It was a little crumbly, but actually really delicious, especially heated up with a little earth balance on top. Yum!

Months passed before I picked up this book again, determined to make some sort of dinner recipe. Flipping through the pages, I came across the recipe for black bean burgers, skimmed the ingredient list and realized we actually had everything we needed in the house for them. So they won. Again, with the whole not being a vegan thing, I was concerned as to how these veggie burgers would bind without the use of egg, as most veggie burgers I make, involve egg. Lucky me, the oats ground up were a great binder, and I’m sure the tahini and nutritional yeast helped too. Here is the finished product…


I forgot to take a pic of the burger put together so you get a patty picture, deal with it. Not the prettiest burger but man, are they delicious! They are incredibly flavourful and hearty. Even A enjoyed them, even after I listed off ingredients not typically in his diet, like nutritional yeast. I judge all vegetarian recipes in terms of suitability for others who aren’t vegetarians by A’s feelings towards them. These squeaked by without a fight!

I’m now taking bets on how long it will take me to do another of these posts. Takers?


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