Friday’s Here!

I am so happy that Friday and some summery weather is here finally!

It seems like everywhere, people are getting ready for summer, and that is definitely a theme in this week’s links:

  1. Summer Reset Guide from Tosca Reno – all about clean eating tips for the summer
  2. Reasons to add asparagus to your diet now from – Ontario is in full blown asparagus season and I am loving the amount of asparagus A and I currently have in our fridge. Both of our last FreshCityFarms deliveries have included some amazing, local asparagus so we’ve been eating it like its our job.
  3. Four healthy habits you’ll kick yourself for ignoring – I think I actually do most of these!
  4. And for you bikers, a checklist to get your bike ready! I bought a bike in the Fall but haven’t taken it out yet so I’ll be using this checklist, hopefully this weekend to get me out on the road!

Have an amazing weekend!

What does your weekend look like?


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