Friday on my mind

Yay! Friday! Lucky me is off today after a solid 3-day work week so I am extra-enjoying this particular Friday.

Lots of interesting stuff out and about this week…

  1. How to fix health problems with food – Huffington Post : Just some suggestions on trying to help particular health problems with a diet change. I know a lot of people who are trying to minimize health problems based on food changes, and some people who’ve had great success with it, so check it out.
  2. Focus more on your brain and less on your diet from the folks at Lifehacker – An interesting post about how your brain plays a bigger role than you think in weight loss. Totally agree.
  3. How to eat healthy when you don’t have the time over at No Meat Athlete – Some tips for keeping the health factors up while swamped with various life changes and activities.

Hope you get something out of the articles above, I know I did.

Happy Weekend Everyone and Happy Memorial Day Long Weekend American Friends!


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