Hello Friday!

Hi there! I know, I know, I’ve disapeared again. I spent about 5 days in D.C. over the last weekend/early this week doing lots of fun stuff like running the Nike Women’s Inaugural Half-Marathon in Washington (more on that Monday) and doing a bit of sight-seeing and tons of Maryland crab eating with A.

Naturally, now that I’m back, I’ve got a wicked head cold…again. So I’m currently sleeping lots and cramming myself with as many fluids as humanly possible and on a bit of a workout rest period, good timing, I suppose.

I came across this little post from one of my faves, No Meat Athlete, about the healthy foods the author tries to eat every day. Check it out and see how you can incorporate some of these in your diet.  I’m super into about half of the foods on this list, though I don’t know that I get them in my diet everyday.

I have a pretty packed weekend but I’m trying to minimize my activities and get as much sleep in between as possible. What do you have planned?


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