Toronto Yonge Street 10k

I’ve run the Sporting Life 10K for a number of years now, and when the split between Sporting Life and Canada Running Series happened last year, I stuck with the original cause. This year, however, I noticed my running plan had a distance close to 10K scheduled for the day of this race, so I thought, why not do both?

I didn’t know anyone else running so I headed over by myself on Sunday morning. I got there with just enough time to hit the porta-potties twice, get my bag prepped to check and drop it off with the lovely volunteers, fashion myself a  snazzy garbage bag overcoat to keep warm, and huddle in Starbucks for a few moments (also to keep warm). I hopped into my coral at about 9 am, when the first wave was starting, and by 9:10, my blue corral was off and running and I had ditched my garbage bag and my throwaway long sleeve.

While it was cold waiting, it warmed up fast with the sun shining, though I was never at a point where I felt too warm. I started off at an easy, sustainable pace and maintained it for the most part until the 5K marker, with the exception of a slow down at 4K to take a quick porta-potty break. Around the 5K, I tried to pick it up a little bit (and I was successful at that, think I ran the second half about 2 minutes faster than the first) and push through until the end.

I always get confused on this course because you can’t quite see the finish line when you make your last turn and I’m never sure when I should pick up speed to take me through the finishing chute, so I think, yet again, I waited too long to pick up speed at the end, but oh well. I crossed the line in about 1:02:33, not a PB, but a respectable time for me. Considering I’m running a half this coming weekend, I wasn’t really thinking about PBing at all!

The finishing chute was nicely laid out and easy to navigate but I only stayed long enough to grab my bag and cap, along with a cookie for the road. I loved how Canada Running Series offered runners additional bibs to wear in support of Boston on their backs at kit pick-up, and I loved how many people (including myself) were wearing them. Great show of support!

I’d do this race again, it was well organized, and I can’t say enough about this route. Lucky me, I get to run it again in a few weeks!

Are you running the Sporting Life 10k?


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