I don’t need to tell you or even remind you of what happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon, but it felt wrong not to acknowledge it.

I, along with most of you, was in complete shock upon seeing the explosions go off. I feel extremely lucky that everyone I know who was there has been accounted for and is safe, but I feel for those who were not so lucky.

As a runner, I feel like my world has been turned upside down. The one place I’ve felt the most safe and the most comfortable over the past few years has been on a race course.

I am saddened to live in a world where people running a marathon, many for charity, many who have worked for years to get to this particular race, are put in danger by other human beings. How dare they take the purity of this sport away from them? However, it has been truly amazing to hear about and witness, the greater running community coming together to support these people.

My thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by this tragic event. I wish you a speedy recovery and a safe return home.

Do your next training run for Boston, run your next race for Boston. I know I will.


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