Harry’s Spring Run Off 8K

Sooo apparently taking it easy = running a race at the last minute. I ran Harry’s Spring Run Off 8K this past Saturday!

I’d been taking it pretty easy since ATB, as my IT band was on the mend, I was nursing a groin pull from TRX, and I had two races on deck for the last two weeks of April. BUT then a friend planning to run this race was injured and looking for someone to use the bib. My IT band had been feeling pretty good so I said yes and got a pretty sweet deal on a great city race.

I love shorter Spring races because they have the luxury of starting a little later than they do in the Summer. I also enjoy the west end location of this race as I’m now a westie (you’d think I’d be used to this after 8 or 9 months).

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and I never understand how this event ALWAYS has sun. Knock on wood. I met my friend there to collect my bib and she graciously offered to keep my bag for me so I didn’t even have to deal with bag check and got to keep my extra clothes on until the last second.

Less than 5 minutes before the race, I hopped onto the side of my corral and waited to start. Once we started, I was fairly instantly warm in my long sleeves and throwaway gloves so the gloves got ditched after 1K and the long sleeves were rolled up shortly after.

I rocked the first 4K, which are, not surprisingly, probably the portion of the race with the least intense uphills. I was feeling great and not even that bad once I hit the first major uphill. I was enjoying the weather and the sun and the scenery. Around 6K, my nagging IT band came out to play and decided to tell me then, that it was not 100%. Unfortunately, this resulted in a slow down, as well as some additional walk breaks. I’m not too bummed about that because I feel pretty strongly about listening to my body in these kinds of scenarios. I made it through the last 2K, albeit much slower than those that came before it.

The last (and worst) hill didn’t quite kill me and when I was almost at the top, I saw my friend screaming at all the runners which gave me a nice extra push to make it to the top. When I turned the corner at the top to dash the extremely short distance to the finish, I had nothing left so there was no epic sprint for the finish, but who cares? I came in at 50:25, a PB for me on this course, (and technically a PB for my friend whose name my results will be under haha).

I forgot how much I LOVE this race. While the route is hilly and I hate the way the finish springs up out of nowhere after you just killed yourself on a giant hill, I really enjoy the High Park scenery, and the variety of terrain. Definitely a recommended race if you’re looking for a fun challenge!


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