Enter Friday…

Oh hey! Happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a great week.

I’m officially hooked on March Madness, once again, but luckily, it just started yesterday so I had plenty of time to dig up some great content I’ve been reading this week.

  1. 3 ways to control your eating via GlobeandMail.com – Its kind of interesting how so many things have an impact on how/what you eat (and overeat). 
  2. Healthy substitutions for unhealthy cooking ingredients from LifeHacker – I’m a little bit obsessed with LifeHacker so I might have a bias opinion but I think this has some helpful tips.
  3. How to find healthy food at an airport – I found this article pretty helpful as whenever I travel, I lament to myself about how sick I am of airplane food and its general lack of selection (particular for someone who doesn’t eat meat, there isn’t a lot of choice out there).
  4. Do squats and push-ups count as strength exercises? – Also from the Globe. Two of my favourite exercises! One-legged suspended push-ups are another story though…
  5. Triathlon Myths from No Meat Athlete – I heart this blog so much more than is probably natural, and appreciate their straight-forward, no bullshit approach to things. Great article for anyone considering dabbling in triathlons…I’ve been considering for years, but have yet to ever take the plunge.

Happy Weekending!


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