Catching up!

Whoah…I had a little missing in action going on for the last week and a bit. I was down and out with a cold, then things got crazy, traveling for work (Napa) and for play (Montreal). Before I knew it, here I am, not having written a post in quite some time.

Wondering what I’ve been up to? A little of this (Napa, CA)…

bounty hunter

The Bounty Hunter – Napa, CA. You shouldn’t have a saddle seat in your bar if you don’t want people to climb on it.

IMG_20130311_151948 IMG_20130311_154536

And a little of this…

IMG_20130317_163838 IMG_20130316_153850

IMG_20130316_174538 IMG_20130317_121810 IMG-20130317-00061

If you didn’t catch it, I was in the Globe and Mail last week, which was of exciting/embarrassing/humbling.

On a sad note, the fam jam lost this precious little guy earlier this week, so our hearts are all healing without our beloved Winston aka winnie bear aka winstafred (I was the only one who called him that.)


Hope he’s all the way up in kitty heaven. RIP Winston.


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