March is for food too…

Last month, I told you my focus for February would be food. Well, that didn’t really go that well, so I’m continuing that attempt into March instead of shifting my focus to something else. I continue to still need to focus on routine as it is SO easy to fall out of it, but I’ve been keeping up with most of my workouts, and visiting the gym at least twice a week, usually more.

A and I didn’t do so well on the lack of eating out in February, and actually this past weekend either, so we’re working on scaling back the amount of that we do. Packing lunches and making dinner at home will be a priority this month outside of a few pre-planned social engagements and a work trip where I’ll have no choice but to eat out.

I want to eat less junk, aka refined sugar, which is extremely difficult when my office loves snacks like licorice, starburst, etc. I struggle to turn down supernibs and before I know it, half the bag is gone. I’ve been packing snacks but having trouble saying no to sweets.

However, on the piece about food intolerances, I’ve been making progress. I gave up my beloved coffee for Lent, and am now going on three weeks without a drop of coffee. I’ve cut out a number of other foods on my intolerance list and am feeling better.

So there you have it, instead of focusing on something new this month, I’m continuing on the food focus as I feel like I still have a long way to go.

What are you working on this month? Did you give up anything for Lent?



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