Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday! Hope you’ve all had a great week. I’m into two and a half weeks of giving up coffee and going strong. I’m not going to lie, green tea is nowhere near as delicious and awesome as my grande Americano, but I’m managing.

What caught my eye this week?

  1. How much water do you actually need to drink every day? – Some loose guidelines. This is actually something I don’t have much of an issue with. I drink ridiculous amounts of water, so much so that it is often joked about in my office that I drink at least one watercooler jug on my own each week. I know a lot of people struggle with getting water though, so I thought I’d post it.
  2. A cute facts & arguments essay about a persons challenge to take all 93 classes at their gym – This is a fabulous idea and I wish I had thought of it first. This might make it onto my list for 2013.
  3. Fauja Singh runs his last race – This man is awesome. Enough said.

I decided earlier this week to run a half-marathon this weekend, but I plan on taking it easy and treating it as a training run for ATB which is just around the corner.

What are your weekend plans?


One thought on “Friday Round-Up

  1. I drink a lot of water too — I’m running a 30k on Saturday morning — as a training run for a marathon which is way too far away (june 1) for me to be officially “training” for (or at least too far away for me to be running 18.6 miles in marathon training mode) — but I live to run long, so I’m doing the 30k. Enjoy your half marathon! Have a great weekend!

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