Conquering the Cookbooks: Forks Over Knives

I did it! I finally started working my way through my cookbooks.

First up, Forks Over Knives.


This book is actually an off-shoot of a popular documentary with the same name about the benefits of a plant-based diet. I really enjoyed the documentary so when I saw the cookbook come out, with a desserts section by the lovely Isa Chandra Moskowitz, I needed to have it. I don’t much impulse control when it comes to cookbooks.

I’ve cooked one or two things out of here prior to this challenge, but started fresh. I often look for recipes that already involve mostly ingredients we already have in the house, extra points for including veggies that we have too much of or are about to go bad.

I flipped through the recipes and was instantly drawn to the recipe for this baby…



Creamy asparagus soup! It helped that we had a Costco-sized bag of asparagus and a ton of cooking onions to burn through. I should note that everything in this book is vegan (unlike myself but I dabble), so the ‘cream’ really just comes from the texture of the asparagus once you puree it.

This soup was absolutely delicious! And so simple too, using just a handful of ingredients (that you’ll have to check the book out to find as I don’t see it posted online.)

After putting this soup in containers for lunches, I apparently was not done my domesticity for the day and flipped to an earlier page in the book to make my own vegetable stock for use in future cooking. I’m really into making my own stock these days. A nice way to use up veggies on the brink of death and cut down on the sodium and weird things in your food.


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