Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday! Where did this week go? I’ve officially been over a week without coffee and am fairly impressed with myself.

Things that caught my eye this week…

  1. How to Wage Your Own War Against Food Waste – The folks at LifeHacker bring you ideas and tips on reducing food waste in the home. Some weeks I am amazed at how much produce we waste, but are now trying really hard to minimize that.
  2. Is wheat free the new Atkins? – A piece from The Globe and Mail offering the flip side of the argument on the recent wheat free trends. I tend to be on the fence on this type of stuff in that I don’t necessarily agree with eliminating one particular food group from your diet, but eating whole foods in moderation (and you know, the odd box of bagel bites…you only live once). However, I can get on board with the whole intolerance thing and think if you’ve been found to have even a mild intolerance, drastic reduction in consumption might be a good call for you.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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