Blog Your Heart Out

Today is Blog Your Heart Out Day – a day where the American Heart Association and fitlosophy, inc. encourage bloggers to speak about the #1 killer of women – heart disease. These opinions are my own.

I’m lucky that my family has been relatively unscathed by heart disease (knock on wood), BUT, I did have an experience with heart disease hitting close to home this past Fall. Seeing a family close to me deal with it and make changes to their lifestyle and diet to help battle it definitely has made me more open to the very real risk that is heart disease.

Worried about your own heart health? It is never too late to make changes to your diet and exercise routine in the interest of health, and hey, maybe not a bad idea to go for that annual physical with your doctor you’ve been putting off. Little things like cutting down your intake of saturated fat and getting some more cardio in can go a long way in prevention.

The AHA is also behind a movement called Go Red for Women to spread information and awareness about the risks of heart disease. You can learn more about heart health by visiting them here.


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