Valentines 5K Run

I almost forgot to post about this! On February 10, 2013, I ran the Valentine’s 5K Run in Burlington, and it was awesome!

It has been going on for years and I had never had much interest in it. Until last year, when someone posted a picture of the finisher’s medal, which was a giant gold heart. I knew instantly that I wanted that medal in my collection.

You can run this event as a couple or a single, I opted to run as a single, as the idea of being tied to anyone while running a race is not appealing to me. However, after seeing how much slack the couples were given (7 ft of ribbon), it might be something I’d be willing to do in the future. It was a small race (91 singles, 80 couples), which was actually really nice. You could have gotten there at 9:30 am and still had plenty of time to get checked in and set up before the 10:00 am start. Bonus points for being able to park right next to the start/finish.

It was a quick loop course around an industrial park sort of area. Not very scenic, but also not very uphill, which I like. I was running a pretty good pace throughout and didn’t have much difficulty navigating around other runners, even the couples tied together. I crossed the finish in 29:14, which is not a best for me but is a time I’m totally happy with in the dead of winter!

Whatever they lacked in scenery, they made up for in cuteness. After crossing the finish line, you’re presented with a single red rose and your heart shape medal (silver this time). The heart medal has easily made my list of favourites.

Loved this small, intimate race as a great excuse to get outdoors during winter when I can often stick to the treadmill far too often.

Check out this video Get Out There magazine did on it…


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