Conquering the Cookbooks

Earlier this year, I mentioned a little side project I wanted to take on, which was to cook at least one recipe from every cookbook in my possession. In the hopes that pulling them all out would get me inspired to start, I did that.

My collection...

My collection…

Pretty sure they have remained untouched in that spot since I took them out. Nevertheless, I am happy to report that I’m not dealing with nearly as big a challenge as I thought. I have under twenty cookbooks currently in my possession. Provided I don’t go too crazy with new cookbook acquisitions in 2013, this should be a super reasonable challenge.

Now mind you, if I expanded this to include all of my cooking/food magazines I’ve accumulated or even all of the cooking/food blogs I follow on a regular basis, we might be looking at a different story. So I’m keeping it small, who knows, maybe I’ll be so pumped up by this challenge, I’ll want to take on more. We’ll see!

Look forward to sharing my recipe adventures with you!


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