F is for food…

…and so is February.

I mentioned earlier in January that my main goal for the year is simply to take better care of myself, focusing on a different aspect each month.

Last month, it was all about routine. I was successful in some ways and not in others, and it is definitely something I’ll have to keep working on. BUT, I’m happy to report that I did make some progress, particularly in the area of making the gym a more regular part of my routine. What helped? Actually taking a lunch break and hitting the gym that is less than 5 minutes from my office. Also, making group class dates with a fellow Goodlife member and good friend.

For February, I want to focus on food, also known as cleaning up my eating habits. I am very up and down in this department. I will have months of solid eating easily derailed that sends me into a tailspin of constant takeout and more junk than I should have. Continuing with the idea of routine, I want to focus on better meal prepping for my weeks, less eating out (but trying to make healthier choices when I do), and more cooking at home.

I also want to continue working on removing some intolerances that have been uncovered. Early last month, I had the HEMO Code test done, which is a food intolerance/sensitivity test. It uncovered a number of both severe and moderate intolerances and gave me a lot of information as to how this might be impacting my body and overall well-being. Some things, I started to take out right away. Other things, I’ve been putting off (coffee being one of them). I plan to begin getting rid of coffee by initially downsizing my one daily (weekday) Americano, and cutting back from there. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have you ever had food sensitivity testing done? Do you have any goals for February?


One thought on “F is for food…

  1. Hi Kate, very inspiring blog! I’m doing the same kind of thing, my 2013 resolutions are to eat healthier, home cooked food, especially less carbs (just my personal goal). Looking forward to following how your February resolutions work out 🙂 Alix

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