Sushi making!

Have you ever tried to make sushi? One of the gifts I got A for Christmas was a sushi-making class at the uber-posh wabora sushi in the Thompson Hoteland we had finally gotten it schedule for this past Monday.

It was awesome! We spent two hours learning about and making two different types of sushi rolls (and then eating them!). It was a little crowded during the hands-on part, but other than that I really enjoyed it. They had done a lot of the hard prep for us, so the rice was already made, the tempura battered and fried, and the avocados peeled and quartered.

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.04.15 PM

Sweet potato tempura roll

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.04.38 PM

The Crispy Valentine Roll – the signature dish of wabora

Will I make sushi at home? Hard to say. Maybe if I have a lot of spare time or really want to impress someone, but it was still cool to learn. We also picked up a super awesome avocado cutting trick that I have already put into use. (there are ALWAYS avocados in this house).

Have you ever made sushi on your own?


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