Focus for January

My goal for 2013 is to take better care of myself. Plain and simple. Starting this month, each month, I’m making an effort to take better care of myself in a particular way or surrounding a particular theme.

January is all about routine for me.

The Fall was incredibly busy and a lot of curveballs were thrown my way.  As a result, I got way out of a solid routine. I stopped getting up early, bringing my lunch, eating breakfast at home more regularly, and even my runs and workout routines started to get out of whack. I think routine is and good habits are super important to a healthy lifestyle, so I’m starting with trying to get back on track that way before delving into more challenging aspects, like eating better (haha, seriously though, its a struggle).

So far, I’ve been pretty good about getting up in time to run in the mornings and following my training plan. I’ve been less good about making my lunch and eating dinner at home, so I’ll work on that for the rest of the month (after A’s birthday dinner tomorrow of course!). I’m making gym dates with friends to force me to go to the gym. I’m trying and I think I’m pretty close to being back on course with a regular routine.

Wish me luck!


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