Let’s do this 2013!

I promised you a 2013 goals post and here it is. I typically set a number of resolutions each year, in the neighbourhood of 10 or so. I usually meet about half of them and the rest of them fall by the wayside. I’m proud of myself for achieving what I do at the end of each year, but also pretty disappointed in the ones I miss out on.

2012 was a big year. I pb’d in the marathon, 10K, and 5K distances (all resolutions I had set). I visited Iceland. I went to my first NFL game. Lots of good things, but lots of things I missed out on. And specifically, I took worse care of myself than I had in previous years.

I’m not happy about that, obviously. I’m up 10 pounds since spring 2011 and just generally feeling a bit sluggish and slow, and concerned about my eating habits.

This year, I’m not making a laundry list of resolutions. I’m focusing on one bigger picture goal with a lot of little steps along the way; take better care of myself, in all facets of life, from eating habits to exercise to taking care of my brain, my sleep, and my relationships.

I know what you’re thinking; this lofty, vague goal is doomed. And I know that you’re right, if I don’t have a plan. But I do, and I plan to share it with you throughout the year. Each month will have a themed focus for me to help keep me on track, and maybe some mini goals within that month. I’m looking forward to getting back on track.

Of course, I love projects and decided to do another mini, “for fun”, project on the side, inspired by a piece in the latest issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray. I’m going to cook at least one recipe from every cookbook I own this year. For fun! I have a pretty large cookbook collection, and my penchant for acquiring cookbooks may be called excessive so this should be fun, but also a reasonable undertaking. Wish me luck!

Are you setting goals or making resolutions? What are they?


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