Santa 5K

Last year, a friend and I ran the Burlington Santa 5K for the first time and absolutely fell in love with it. We knew we’d be back this year.

The idea behind this race is that each and every participant wears a FULL santa suit, beard and all. In fact, if you don’t cross the finish line wearing every piece, you’re rendered ineligible for any prizes. This year, we opted for the discounted registration fee for wearing the suit from last year, which was a great idea until I couldn’t find my beard on Saturday morning. Luckily, I wasn’t in prizing contention haha.

It was much warmer than last year’s run but it basically poured rain for the entire morning, which was less than awesome. We left Toronto before 7 am and drove to pick up our bibs and race kits. The pick up was indoors so we were able to get dressed in our santa gear while staying dry and warm.


While we were waiting to start, I managed to pull the brim of my santa hat down to protect my glasses from the rain, which of course went to shit as soon as we started moving. The race started around 10 minutes late and we were off.

The start of this race was SO clogged and it was a real pain to get any free space for most of the route. Myself, and many others spent a lot of time hopping up on sidewalks to get around the crowds. I was enjoying myself for most of the run, until my felt santa pants got so clogged with rain that they started to droop down under my sneakers. I spent a lot of time pulling them up!

When I turned the corner to see the finish line, I checked my watch and knew I wasn’t in a place to PB at the distance (no big deal, I wasn’t expecting to) so I didn’t push the finish too much. I don’t know that I would have been able to given how congested the course was. Crossed the line at 30:43, a little faster than I ran my santa race last year.

I met up with our racing friends and took in free pizza, and fritters before changing into warm and dry clothes for the drive home.

This race is ALWAYS awesome though the weather is not always desirable. When else can you run around with 4,000 other Santas? A great way to get into the holiday spirit!

Did you race this weekend? Are you running any holiday themed races?


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