Grey Cup Champions!

The 2012 Grey Cup was held in Toronto this past weekend, kind of a big deal in the first place, but especially because it was the 100th Anniversary of the Grey Cup! For non-Canadians, the Grey Cup is our SuperBowl, for the Canadian Football League. We play by different rules, naturally, and our balls are bigger. Just saying. (No but really, they are.)

I am a HUGE fan of all kinds of football so I spent my weekend volunteering with the Festival. I was stationed for four days in a row at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre working hospitality. Hospitality basically equates to providing directions, answering questions, in some places running activities like Armchair Quarterback, but mostly, if you’re on a night shift, it involves a large amount of high fiving, hugging and humouring drunk people while attempting to make sure everyone gets where they are going. Oh, and also fending off theft attempts and requests for your special volunteer foam finger.

These two are actually not strangers, but friends of A’s who I sent on their way to Riderville based on the crowd’s general reaction to it.

After working my four shifts, I was POOPED, but headed to my favourite neighbourhood pub to watch the game with A. Toronto won!! And I won a football signed by a number of the players on our now championship team! Solid night!

Because I’m a football dweeb, I even took Tuesday morning off to go check out the Grey Cup Victory Parade. I got so close to the players and the beloved Cup!

Totally worth it. Congratulations Toronto Argonauts!


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