Friday Round-Up

I am unhappily announcing that tights season (for running, that is) is here.

Depressing, I know.

What caught my eye this week…

  1. Girl football player dominates against boys – Toronto Star profiles an awesome 9 year old girl who is kicking ass and taking names in tackle football. As a former Female tackle (and touch) football, I’m all over this story and would love to see more young girls get into the sport.
  2. Minutes of exercise a day may add years to your life – Globe and Mail. Duh?
  3. Do light and low fat labels necessarily mean healthier? – Also Globe and Mail (apparently I’m a fan.) But really, they do a nice job of debunking what these labels actually mean. Sometimes you need a little fat in your life (the good kind).
  4. Top 5 pieces of equipment for an at-home gym – FitFluential, a nice resource for anyone who can’t afford a gym or simply finds it easier/better/less overwhelming to work out at home.

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